We are currently unable to accept new orders due to capacity issues.

Buzz Telco is now able to provide eligible customers with connections over the National Broadband Network.

Not sure if the NBN is available in your area? You can check your availability by using our Availability Tool.


Please refer to the Critical Information Summary which outlines important information about the service you have selected.

We offer a Basic Home Phone Service for $5/Month Available with our NBN Plans, this includes Local and National Calls at $0.09/Call and Mobile Calls at $0.20/Minute.

Important Information about Rental Modems

Buzz Telco is able to supply a rental modem (of Buzz Telco’s choice) to you as part of your agreement. This modem will at a minimum have WiFi and 4 Ethernet Ports and will be compatible with your Service Type.

The modem is a rental and remains the property of Buzz Telco, if you stop using your service from Buzz Telco you will be required to return the modem to us within 30 Days. You will be required to return this modem at your own cost.

You will be charged a once-off Postage and Handling Charge of $14.95 for the initial delivery of your rental modem, however, will not be charged a monthly rental fee.

Any damage caused by you to the modem or failure to return the modem will result in a $100.00 Charge being applied to your account. Reasonable usage of the modem will not result in any additional charges.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Important Information about Static IP Addresses

Static IP Addresses are charged at $5/Month. You may order a Static IP Address either with your initial order or by submitting a Ticket or Calling our Support Team.

All customers who obtain the Static IP Package will receive a single usable Public IPv4 Address as well as a /64 Allocation of IPv6 Addresses. These addresses will be routed to your connection and are for use with your NBN Connection only. The assigned addresses are non-portable and remain the property of Buzz Telco.

Static IP’s are currently unavailable in QLD. We are expecting to have them back in Queensland by Friday, 9th March 2018.

Important Information about our NBN Service

Our NBN Broadband Services are provided as a best efforts internet service. Buzz Telco is unable to guarantee the speeds you will receive as these are dependant on a number of factors beyond our control, including: distance from the local telephone exchange, the quality of your phone line, cabling and the equipment you use.

This service is only available in NBN Coverage Areas.