Below we have included all of Buzz Telco Pty Ltd’s agreements, policies, processes, critical information summaries and contract information. This has all been put into one easy to find place to help you, our customer, find the information relevant to you without having to search for hours.

Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA)

Our Standard Form of Agreement outlines the general terms and conditions between Buzz Telco Pty Ltd and its customers. This document applies to all customers and is a part of all of Buzz Telco Pty Ltd’s contracts.

Download our Standard Form of Agreement

What You Need To Know

This document provides a basic summary of our services that all customers need to know. It has been provided to help assist our customers with making sure they have been informed of basic elements in relation to our services.

This document directly affects all of our customers and a copy of it will have been either emailed to you or posted to you upon you first signing up with Buzz Telco Pty Ltd.

Download our What You Need To Know document.

Acceptable Use Policy

Our Acceptable Use Policy outlines what we consider acceptable use of your services provided by Buzz Telco Pty Ltd. This document also outlines actions that may be taken if provisions of the policy are breached.

Our Acceptable Use Policy is to be read in conjunction with our Standard Form of Agreement and is contractually and legally binding.

Download our Acceptable Use Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

Our Complaints Handling Policy provides a summary of how we will handle your complaint if you ever have an issue with Buzz Telco Pty Ltd. This document details how to lodge a formal complaint with Buzz Telco Pty Ltd, timeframes for resolution and also other avenues that you may take in relation to your complaint if you are unhappy with the resolution.

We don’t see this document needing to be read or used much, however, we are legally required to make it available.

Download our Complaints Handling Policy

Financial Hardship Policy

Our Financial Hardship Policy outlines how we will try to help you in times of financial hardship. Here at Buzz Telco Pty Ltd we understand that sometimes things happen and you may have troubles paying your bills. As a general rule, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible so that we can find a way to help lower the stress.

The below document outlines this, as well as other important information as to how we will try to help, in more legal terms for you.

Download our Financial Hardship Policy

Appointment of an Authorised Representative

The below document explains how to appoint an Authorised Representative to act on your behalf when dealing with Buzz Telco Pty Ltd. The document also contains the paper form to allow you to do this.

As outlined in the document, we will accept authorisation over the phone. In cases where you would like to authorise a representative over the phone please call our Customer Service Team. We will verify your identity, verify the level of access you would like to give to your representative and then collect the details of your new Authorised Representative.

If you would prefer to do so via paper, please use the form available on page 2 of the below document.

Download our Appointment of an Authorised Representative document and form

Credit & Refund Policy

Our Credit & Refund Policy outlines what both a Credit and Refund are, in relation to your account with Buzz Telco Pty Ltd, as well as how they may be issued.

The most important detail of this document is the fact that we do not automatically process refunds. These must be requested, using one of the approved methods. Credits on the other hand once applied to your account, will be automatically applied to any future invoices.

Download our Credit & Refund Policy

Delivery Policy

Our Delivery Policy outlines how we will send you any items that you purchase from us which require delivery.

The policy outlines the fact that we use Australia Post to deliver all of our parcels, as well as all paper invoices. It also gives you details on how to find out the estimated delivery time for your area.

Download our Delivery Policy

Privacy Statement

Here at Buzz Telco we are committed to providing excellent customer service, industry-leading service and also to protect your personal information. Our Privacy Statement details, what information we may collect from you, how we may collect it, why we may collect it, how we will use it, as well as how to view what we hold and correct any mistakes within it.

Download our Privacy Statement

Hardware Warranty Information

This document outlines the Warranty Information in relation to any hardware supplied to you by Buzz Telco Pty Ltd.

Please be aware that this document does not set out hard limits and we reserve the right to exceed the guarantees provided within it, at our sole discretion.

Download our Hardware Warranty Information

Critical Information Summaries

Below is a list of our Critical Information Summaries. These summaries provide critical information in relation to the plans offered by Buzz Telco Pty Ltd. They have been designed to help you gain a better understanding of what is and is not included in our plans and also to help you compare options and choices without having to deal with technical jargon.

Current Plans

NBN Broadband – Basic Plan – Critical Information Summary
NBN Broadband – Standard Plan – Critical Information Summary
NBN Broadband – Standard Plus Plan – Critical Information Summary
NBN Broadband – Premium Plan – Critical Information Summary